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A chart showing the middle chesapeake bay from the Bay Bridge to the South River.

Grace Brush and the Chesapeake Bay Ecosystem

I graduated from college with a degree in Economics, which I liked alot; but the only job I could get after graduating was as a lab technician in a Geological Survey of Canada coal research laboratory. I did minor in Geology. The lab was very small—only a half dozen people.

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Jean Langenheim stands by a poster at an ESA annual meeting and discusses it with someone.

Jean Langenheim’s Interdisciplinary Explorations

Jean Harmon Langenheim September 5, 1925 – March 28, 2021We are sad to report that Dr. Langenheim passed away last Sunday at the age of 95. She will be missed by many who knew and worked with her. Obituary from University of California, Santa Cruz. Obsessed with ideas of “how it all fit together,” Dr. Jean Langenheim, in reflecting on…

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A woman stands in ankle deep water with a walking stick and binoculars among evergreens.

Deep Ecology: Remembering Becky Sharitz

Deep Ecology with Becky: A remembrance of Dr. Rebecca Sharitzby Neil Pederson, who posted this tribute at his site Broadleaf Papers. He is Senior Ecologist at Harvard Forest. We think it nicely conveys a sense of being in the field with Dr. Sharitz. This essay is cross-posted here with permission.We’ve provided some dates and other information below Dr. Pederson’s post….

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David William Goodall, 1914-2018

Notice prepared by Robert Peet and Sharon Kingsland, HRC. If you are interested in submitting a full obituary or resolution for Dr. Goodall or another deceased colleague, contact Bob Peet (robert_peet AT unc DOT edu) or Bob Jones (rhj AT clemson DOT edu). More information about ESA obituary/resolution policy and guidelines for preparing them are available here. David William Goodall,…

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A group of people, presumably a teacher with her students, sit in an open field. Black and white, circa 1947.

Harriet George Barclay, Tributes to a Teacher

Harriet George Barclay, August 31, 1901- May 25, 1990“She kept saying she couldn’t die because she had too much to do,” recalls retired University of Tulsa biology professor Dr. Paul Buck, for whom Barclay was mentor and friend. … [Until a few weeks before her death] “She was at her computer, organizing data about some 15,000 plant collections—with multiple specimens…

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Harold Mooney

After Jean Langenheim reported that Harriet Barclay had helped Hal Mooney (ESA President, 1988-89) get started in ecology, in 2016 Sally White asked him more about their connection. Here is his reply: It was a long time ago for sure. It started when I did a semester at Marin Junior College my freshman year. I had just decided to change my career…

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A periodical cover titled Human Ecology Review

Historical Perspectives in Human Ecology

We received the following announcement from the ESA Human Ecology Section. Announcing a special issue of Human Ecology Review, titled Human Ecology—A Gathering of Perspectives: Portraits from the Past—Prospects for the Future. It provides short biographies of a range of people who have contributed ideas and insights that are important to human ecology. It also touches on the historical development…

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Dr. Mary Talbot poses for a photograph. Black and White

Mary Talbot, Pioneering Entomologist

Terry McGlynn is the Editor-In-Chief of Small Pond Science, a collaborative blog. In recognition of Ada Lovelace Day 2017, he wrote this profile of entomologist Mary Talbot, cross-posted here with permission and minor edits.We’ve provided some dates and other information below Dr. McGlynn’s post. Mary Talbot, pioneering ecologist and myrmecologistby Terry McGlynn, Professor of Biology at Cal State Dominguez HillsSmall…

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