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Policy Resources

Ecologist’s Guide to Policy

This publication focuses on opportunities to connect ecological information to public policy issues. Aimed primarily at ecological scientists, the book covers the Congressional and Executive branches-highlighting federal agencies with environmental regulatory authority or resource management responsibilities-an overview of key environmental laws, tips on effective preparation and communication during in-person meetings, congressional testimony, crafting opinion editorials, talking with rotary clubs, contributing to science blogs and working with the media. View the PDF here.

For tips on how to engage in policy, see ESA’s policy toolkit:

Federal Budget

Recommended Policy Resources

Agencies of interest

Agencies of interest to the ecological community and the congressional committees that oversee funding for them:

Department of Agriculture:

Department of Education:

Department of Energy:

National Science Foundation:

Department of Interior:

Environmental Protection Agency:

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration:

Take Action: ESA periodically notifies select members of opportunities to weigh in on key policy issues in their areas of interest. To stay abreast of all action alerts, consider subscribing to Policy News.

Recent action alerts include:

  • Science Funding: Ask your Members of Congress to restore funding for science for FY 2020 (2019)
  • Science Funding: Ask your Members of Congress to restore funding for science for FY2019 (2018)
  • Keep Tax Exemption for Tuition Waivers (2017)
  • Call for Experts in Hurricane Aftermath (2017)
  • Comment on National Monument Review (2017)