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ESA continues to serve its members and the ecological community even with the disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. What this means ...

Media, Journalists, and Authors

ESA works with members of the press worldwide to inform the public about recent advances in ecological science

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ESA Public Information Manager Zoe Gentes, gro.asenull@setnegz » 202-833-8773 x211


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ESA Annual Meetings

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The ESA Press Office provides complimentary press registration to public information officers and institutional press officers, professional journalists representing media organizations, freelance journalists, photographers, videographers, bloggers, podcasters, authors, filmmakers, institutional science communicators, and student journalists, for the express purpose of gathering news and information to produce media coverage of ESA meetings.

Please see credential policy

We do not waive registration fees for editors of peer-reviewed journals, ad sales representatives, publishers, program officers or marketing professionals.

Meeting abstracts are not embargoed.

To register as a member of the media, please contact Zoe Gentes at gro.asenull@setnegz.