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ESA Staff is at the Annual Meeting in Montreal. Meeting Website


SEEDS Field Trip Endowment

ESA receives $100,000 pledge to match gifts to the Henry L. Gholz National SEEDS Field Trip Endowment

Long-time ESA member and donor, Phillip Taylor, has pledged ESA’s largest gift from an individual to lead us over the top of our target goal and fund the SEEDS national field trips into perpetuity.

Take the Challenge

Opportunity Fund

Contributions to the Opportunity Fund will be used to take advantage of opportunities that could not be accomplished through our regular budget. In 2022, all Opportunity Fund donations will support the participation of under-resourced scientists in the 2022 ESA+CSEE Annual Meeting.

Opportunity Fund

Fund for the Future

Dedicated to Bringing Under-resourced Scientists to the Montreal Meeting

Leading into the ESA Annual Meeting in August, ESA’s fundraising efforts will concentrate on increasing our capacity to provide financial assistance for travel to Montreal. All contributions to the Fund for the Future will be earmarked for the ESA Opportunity Fund which will go towards travel support. Demand has exceeded expectation. We have $25,000 confirmed. But we need to raise another $50,000 by June. Your generous contribution will lower the barriers for under-resourced scientists to join us for the world’s largest gathering of ecologists.

To donate through a gift of stocks, please contact: George Stephan, gro.asenull@egroeg.

Donate to our Fund for the Future

Planned Giving

Turn your lifelong commitment to the science and profession of ecology into a lasting legacy. Discuss a planned gift or bequest to ESA with your financial advisor. For gifts of appreciated securities or other financial instruments call the Washington D.C. office at 202-833-8773 and we are happy to help create the plan. Or explore our partner website: Future Focus.

We hosted a chat on April 6, 2021, New Concepts and Strategies for Charitable Gift Planning, that delved into the benefits of planned giving and how to make the most of it in the current legal environment.

All contributions are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law

Preferred Payment Methods


This image displays the login area for Paypal as an example.  The login form is blurred but an arrow points to an unblurred button which states "pay with credit or debit card".

You do not need to have a PayPal® account to use a credit card.


If you wish to use your credit card, please:

  • Ignore the PayPal login form.
  • Look for a button or link that says “Pay with a debit or credit card” or “PayPal Credit” BELOW the PayPal account login buttons.
  • Be sure to select CREDIT card (there is a DEBIT card option as well).

If you have any difficulty in making your contribution online, please feel free to contact the ESA Headquarters gro.asenull@qhase.

(Note: This is a guide. Over time, internet browsers will display information differently.)


To contribute by mail, please send a check to:

Ecological Society of America
1990 M Street, NW, Suite 700
Washington, DC 20036.

Please indicate the fund you are donating to in the memo line. Also note if this is an anonymous donation.

Contact the Ecological Society of America with any questions at 202-833-8773 or email our inbox: gro.asenull@qhase