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6th Life Discovery – Doing Science Biology Education Conference

Virtual Conference Oct 22-24, 2020

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LDC 2020 Is Going Virtual

Important Note

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this year's Life Discovery - Doing Science Education Conference will now be a virtual event with a more limited focus on:
  • The timely experiences and insights gained from teaching ecology and evolution online this Spring/Summer
  • The education innovation building on ESA’s recently endorsed Four-Dimensional Ecology Education Framework (4DEE).
The in-person LDC will be postponed until Fall 2021 (dates TBD) keeping the original theme Pushing Past Barriers: Ecological Science for All.

Please check back for updates.

2021 Conference Theme

Image of a frog with a puzzle piece superimposed on it.

The ecological sciences are well positioned to serve as bridges between research, life experiences, and societal needs. Join us to share and learn practical strategies in
Pushing Past Barriers: Ecological Science for All.

Pushing Past Barriers: Ecological Science for All.

In recent years, we have seen a significant change in public attitudes in support of climate science and sustainability. At the same time, whether it is about food safety, endangered species or protection of waterways, we continue to see the latest science being pushed aside in public discourse. As we embark into a new decade, ensuring that ecology is relevant to all students is vital so that we can prepare all students to be ecologically literate.

  • How do we transform ecological teaching in order to maintain a connection with a vast student population that is not interested in science and retain those who are to become science researchers and professionals?
  • How do we encourage nonscience majors to take away important messages that will inform their personal and professional decisions?
  • What does a science-based, culturally relevant and inclusive curriculum that connects student learning to current events look like?
  • How can educators activate the appropriate levers of change to overcome systemic barriers to organismal biology education?

Submit your teaching idea to the LifeDiscoveryEd Digital Library!

All presenters are highly encouraged to submit their final products for formal publication in the digital library. Authors retain copyright. Presenters will choose to submit through one of the three portals of the LifeDiscoveryEd Digital Library(LDDL), managed by LDDL partner societies.

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What participants say about the 2019 conference

  • New Techniques

    New Techniques

    “Small and personal conference conducive to networking and learning new teaching techniques.”
    — Higher Education Faculty

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  • Resources & Networking

    Resources & Networking

    “It provided me with the type of resources I’m looking for; new networking connections, lesson plans and ideas, a wealth of information, and a supportive community to share ideas, successes, and failures.”
    — K-12 Teacher

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  • Educators From All Levels

    Educators From All Levels

    “The inclusion of professionals across all levels of education – K-12 and college-level – was a particularly enriching aspect.”
    — Higher Education Faculty

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  • Feedback on Ideas

    Feedback on Ideas

    “I participated in the Education Share Fair Roundtable and got great feedback.”
    — Higher Education Faculty

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Vision and Change

Celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Call to Action of Vision and Change in Undergraduate Biology Education. Publication cover shows trees in the foreground with a lake behind.

Four Dimensional Ecology Education

ESA launches the Four Dimensional Ecology Education Framework, endorsed by the ESA Governing Board in the fall of 2018. Offical logo for 4DEE.

Photo highlights from 2019 participants

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