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8th Life Discovery – Doing Science Biology Education Conference

Florida A&M University | March 23-25, 2023 | Tallahassee, FL

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2023 Conference Theme

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This conference proposes to take stock of the dramatic developments from the past two years to ask:
Variants in Biology Education: What can we learn from pandemics?

Variants in Biology Education: What can we learn from pandemics?

Over the last two years, teaching and learning has grappled with the demands of change in response to the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic within a highly politicized landscape for which science is on the defense and misinformation is rampant. Never before have so many questions arisen about the implications for mainstream organismal biology education, and never before has the speed and scale of innovation been put into practice. The “pandemic” symbolizes change, resistance, immunity, adaptation, and opportunity at so many different levels – literally, in our personal lives, in education, and in mass culture. It compels us to consider the workforce needs of the future where pandemics are now ubiquitous among all living organisms: people, plants, and animals (domestic and wild).

  • How have pandemics influenced education and has teaching and learning evolved and/or adapted to meet this challenge?
  • How do we prepare our students for a fast-evolving scientific phenomenon and perhaps an even faster “viral” spread of divergent sources of information that resist the scientific base for evolution and science in general?
  • Where are the jobs and careers in our field headed over the next 5-10 years, considering reliance on government sources of funding? How are educators preparing our students in an evolving job market?

What participants say about the 2020 virtual conference

  • Inspiring Quote

    Inspiring Quote

    “You don't teach biology, you teach students.”
    — Keynote Bryan Dewsbury

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  • Resources & Networking

    Resources & Networking

    “Zoom networking sessions were great - and it was useful to be able to quickly send links, engage with others while also using web resources to foster discussion.”
    — K-12 Teacher

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  • Going Virtual

    Going Virtual

    “You all did a great job adapting to an online platform and providing a variety of ways to engage and communicate with presenters and other participants. ”
    — Higher Education Faculty

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  • Feedback on Ideas

    Feedback on Ideas

    “Overall, kudos for an engaging and inspiring three days. I got a lot of good ideas, I felt inspired and I met some old friends. ”
    — Higher Education Faculty

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2021 Life Discovery Conference

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All presenters are highly encouraged to submit their final products for formal publication in the digital library. Authors retain copyright. Presenters will choose to submit through one of the three portals of the LifeDiscoveryEd Digital Library(LDDL), managed by LDDL partner societies.
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Scope and Objectives

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