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 ECOLOG-L is now hosted by the Ecological Society of America! Now part of ESA’s ECO platform (Ecologists Collaborating Online), ECOLOG-L will continue to function as it has since its founding by Dr. David Inouye.

To Join

Joining ECOLOG-L is easy:

  • If you don’t already have an account with ESA, go here and create a web account with us.
  • Make sure that your account preferences include checking Include me in Communities.

  • Navigate then to, ESA’s ECO platform; the two systems use a single sign-on, so you will likely be automatically be logged in, but use the same credentials as the account you just created if prompted to do so.
  • You can find the full directory of lists under the Groups menu, or navigate directly to ECOLOG-L to join.
  • And that’s it! While on ECO, you’ll be able to post using the web interface and access (and search) the message archive,
    or you can message the list via gro.ase.ytinummocnull@L-GOLOCE.
  • To manage your subscription settings (for instance, to receive only digest emails as opposed to every message), please make any changes in My Group Settings.

Please review the community rules here.

If you have any questions, please email the moderators.

If you are curious about how to use all of the features on ECO, please watch this short demonstration.

Common Issues

  • A number of ESA members who were previously subscribed to ECOLOG-L when it was hosted by the University of Maryland have experienced this error when attempting to log in:

    We are having difficulty finding your account. It could be that your membership needs to be renewed. Please contact gro.asenull@ytinummoc and include the following error message: ‘QUICK_KEY_VERIFY: Account does not exist (ID: 187036) yet. This ID was not found in SocialNetworkAllow (which is required so an account can be created).’.

    To solve this, use your regular ESA login credentials at and navigate to your account profile. From there, in your preferences, select Include me in Communities to link your account with ECO. From there, you should be able to freely join the group for ECOLOG-L at

  • Though the process of moving ECOLOG-L to ESA included importing the thousands of existing subscribers to an ESA server, a step remains for some legacy ECOLOG-L users. If you are unable to log in at or on the ECOLOG-L home, use the password reset function, which will complete your account creation process and fully enable you to use the new ECOLOG-L from the web interface.
  • If you were a previous subscriber to ECOLOG-L and struggling to access the new home, you can still send and receive messages to and from the group. Use gro.ase.ytinummocnull@L-GOLOCE to send.
  • It is important, however, to eventually log in to complete your subscription settings, which you can access as described above.
  • For any other issues, please contact gro.ase.ytinummocnull@rotaredom-L-GOLOCE.