Historical Perspectives in Human Ecology

Partial contents of the Special Issue on Perspectives in Human Ecology. Click to enlarge.

We received the following announcement from the ESA Human Ecology Section.
Announcing a special issue of Human Ecology Review, titled Human Ecology—A Gathering of Perspectives: Portraits from the Past—Prospects for the Future. It provides short biographies of a range of people who have contributed ideas and insights that are important to human ecology. It also touches on the historical development of human ecology, its relationship to general ecology, and some of the background to human ecology understood as local and community applied practice, and human ecology understood as the exploration of pathways to just and sustainable futures.
The issue reproduces with modern commentaries three iconic and enduring essays from the first-ever Society for Human Ecology conference, held in 1986. Hopefully this issue will be a lasting resource for teachers, practitioners, and students of human ecology, and the start of a larger body of work on what has been said and done in the human ecology space in the past and the implications of that for the future of the subject.
Human Ecology Review Vol 23, No. 2 is free, open-access online and can be downloaded at the link. I encourage you to use and share this link widely.
This journal is produced as the result of the contribution of a small cohort of volunteers. If you would like to help in reviewing manuscripts, please email info@nullsocietyforhumanecology.org with a short notice of your area of expertise.
Rob Dyball
President, Society for Human Ecology