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Board of Professional Certification

The primary objectives of the Society’s Certification Program are (1) serving the needs of ecologists who wish to establish and validate their credentials in the context of their ecological activities, (2) guiding biologists, government agencies, courts and the public in defining minimum standards of education and experience for professional ecologists, and of encouraging all practicing ecologists to meet such standards, (3) creating and maintaining public confidence in the advice and opinions of Certified Ecologists as educated and experienced professionals, and (4) assisting the public in identifying ecologists.

The Certification Program is administered by the Board of Professional Certification, which is responsible for:

  • Establishing a procedure for critical peer evaluation based upon defined minimum education, experience and ethical standards,
  • Reviewing and approving applications for certifications, and
  • Censuring, suspending, and revoking


  • Chair: The Board of Professional Certification shall elect from its membership a Chair, who shall serve a one-year term and may be re-elected for additional consecutive
  • Members: 7 members elected by ESA’s Each nominee for the Board of Professional Certification must be a certified Ecologist. Each Board member shall serve a three-year term and is eligible for re-election to one additional consecutive term.


Example certificate awarded to professional ecologists.
Example certificate awarded to professional ecologists.