Professional Ecologist Certifications

2019 Certification is Now Open!

Application Deadline: February 1, 2019

Benefits of ESA certification

Certification through the Ecological Society of America is a way for ecologists, at all levels of education and training, to add a credential to their resume, demonstrate their expertise, and exhibit their skill level to potential employers, clients or colleagues. The goals of the certification program are:

  1. Establish and validate the credentials for certified ecologists.
  2. Recognize individuals whose education, training, and experience meet the ESA’s certification standards.
  3. Attest that certified ecologists have met minimum education and experience requirements for their certification levels; further attest that each certified ecologist acknowledges adherence to the ESA Code of Ethics.
  4. Foster the incorporation of ecological principles in the decision-making processes for consultancies, environmental and national resource agencies, applied research labs, government agencies and NGOs, foundations, and other organizations requiring the expertise of certified ecologists.
  5. Provide public access to a directory of professional ecologists for advice and technical guidance on public policy and regulatory issues facing society.

The Case for Professional Certification

A Frontiers Editorial by the Board of Professional Certification.

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