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Agency Peer Review

Facilitating peer reviews of scientific studies and programs that agencies use to support decision making 

A fundamental role of the Science Office is to link the ecological research and management communities. One way that we do this is by facilitating the peer review of planning and management documents prepared by government agencies and other organizations.

Following a request from an organization, Science staff assemble a panel of ecologists with appropriate expertise to review one or a series of documents. A review panel chair or ESA staff may prepare a synthesis of all reviews if requested. Financial support for reviewer honoraria and ESA staff time is provided by the organization requesting the review. Organizations interested in assistance with a peer review should contact Associate Director Jill Petraglia Parsons (email gro.asenull@llij, phone 202-833-8773 x 209).

We also maintain a list of scientists interested in providing reviews of future documents or programs within their areas of expertise. If you would like to be considered as a reviewer, contact us as well. 

One recent example of a peer review project we completed is the Northwest Forest Science Plan Synthesis. This study, issued by the U.S. Forest Service Pacific Northwest Research Station in October 2016, will inform the revision of land management plans (forest plans) for 17 national forests within the Northwest Forest Plan area. The Science Office recruited a team of 30 highly qualified reviewers for the 1300-page study, participated in a public meeting soliciting comments, and facilitated a detailed external peer review that is providing critical input for the Synthesis authors. The peer review was completed in April 2017.