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A Special Session held during ESA's Annual Meeting


11th Resources for Ecology Education – Fair & Share (REEFS)

Sunday, August 11, 2019, 12:00 PM-5:00 PM

2019 ESA Annual Meeting,  Louisville, Kentucky

Resources for Ecology Education – Fair and Share (REEFS) is an annual workshop held during ESA’s Annual Meeting. Since 2008, it has been organized jointly by ESA’s Office of Education and Diversity and the ESA Education Section.


This four-part workshop provides faculty with an opportunity to exchange ideas on how to engage undergraduate students using student-active methods. Instructors at all levels of experience are encouraged to participate. We invite you to submit a resource to share in small groups.

The workshop is organized as follows:

  • Part I – The workshop will introduce ESA’s Four Dimensional Ecology Education Framework, endorsed by ESA in November 2018, followed by a discussion on implications for teaching and learning.
  • Part II – There will be three round robin sessions in small groups to discuss teaching challenges and strategies on lesson ideas led by peers. Presenters are encouraged to consider how their activities address two or more dimensions of the 4DEE framework. Participants will be invited to suggest further enhancements in relation to 4DEE and ways they might incorporate these activities into their own classrooms.
  • Part III – Participants will learn how to publish teaching ideas in EcoEdDigital Library (EcoEdDL) or Teaching Issues and Experiments in Ecology (TIEE).
  • Part IV – Participants will select optional activities for individual work time: a) design or enhance learning activities with 4DEE; b) explore or browse EcoEdDL; c) initiate a submission to EcoEdDL to publish a teaching activity; d) learn more about becoming a reviewer for the EcoEdDL. Workshop organizers are available to support participants.

Link to the ESA Annual Meeting 2019 Webpage

Overall Goals:  

  • Learn about what colleagues are doing to engage their undergraduate students using active learning methods.
  • Improve undergraduate classroom activities using active learning methods via the exchange of constructive feedback
  • Foster a network of support in advancing ecology education.
  • Promote the ESA Four-Dimensional Ecology Education Framework
  • Encourage digital publishing of teaching resources through ESA’s EcoEdDL and TIEE
  • Promote the recommendations of the Vision and Change in Undergraduate Biology Education Call to Action.



For questions about the workshop, please contact:

Kathy Shea, Education Section Chair, ude.falotsnull@kaehs
Jennifer Doherty, Education Section Chair-elect, ude.wunull@2ytrehod.


PLEASE NOTE: This is a pre-conference workshop and all participants are expected to register.  Fees are expected to be around $30 (TBA). The ESA Education Section will cover the workshop registration fee for up to 20 ESA Education Section members who present at REEFS. Workshop fees help ESA cover the cost of facilities.  

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