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Women in Ecology Series

This page lists all of our posts about women in ecology, from all categories. Some are career outlines or brief bios, and others are personal accounts highlighting the contributions of women, past and present. Throughout the year, but especially during Women’s History Month (March in US, UK, AU), we try to add profiles of women, some of which are based on the work of Dr. Jean Langenheim, who surveyed several generations of female ecologists and left us a legacy of material.
(In 1988, ESA past-president Jean Langenheim surveyed 55 female ecologists about their careers, producing her Past President’s Address and, in 1996, this followup paper.)
A few of the posts below are general summaries of our project. We welcome your input! Learn more about how you can contribute to this effort.

Dr. Harriet Barclay
Dr. Harriet Barclay, right, with students on a 1946 field trip at Virginia Basin, near Rocky Mtn Biological Laboratory. Jean Langenheim is behind Harriet in white.

Profiles and Personal Accounts of Women in Ecology