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ESA continues to serve its members and the ecological community even with the disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. What this means ...

Public Affairs Staff

Public Affairs staff manages the Society’s public policy and media initiatives. Working closely with its elected leadership, we facilitate opportunities for members to engage beyond the scientific community through media contacts, press releases, social media, briefings, and one-on-one meetings with policymakers. We provide media and policy training to our members, in addition to bimonthly updates on national policy developments relevant to this ecological community.

Alison Mize Director of Public Affairs
202.833.8773, ext. 205
Zoe Gentes portrait image
Zoe Gentes Public Information Manager
202.833.8773, ext. 211
Nicole Zimmerman portrait image
Nicole Zimmerman Public Affairs Manager gro.asenull@elocin
202.833.8773, ext. 224

Public Affairs Committee

Frank Davis, Vice President for Public Affairs (2015-2017) Phone: (805) 893-3438 FDavis ude.bscu.nerbnull@dwf

Bruce Byers, Bruce Byers Consulting (2017-2020)

Laura Petes, NOAA Office for Coastal Management (2018-2020)

Tim Male, Environmental Policy Innovation Center (2017-2020)

Ann Bartuska, Resources for the Future (2019-2022)

Astrid Caldas, Union of Concerned Scientists (2017-2020)

Kabryn Mattison, Student Representative (2019-2020)