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Where the Red Fox Dens: Fox dens foster tree growth, according to new study

(September 13, 2022) – A study published in Ecosphere reveals that trees growing on and around the sites of fox dens, especially long-established fox dens, grow faster than trees without vulpine intervention.

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Canned salmon dating back to 1970s shows that marine mammals face increasing risks of intestinal parasitism

(August 3, 2022) – Cans of salmon processed between 1979 and 2019 reveal that whales and dolphins have become increasingly likely to consume prey containing parasitic worms that can cause acute gastritis in marine mammals.

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Pathogenic microbes in drying soils could present public health threat

(July 28, 2022) – Research on soil fungal communities in the southwestern United States suggests that spore-producing fungi in increasingly dry soils could represent a future threat to public health.

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