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women in ecology

Women in Ecology Update

Looking for Women in Science (especially Ecology)? You can find a bunch of them here. For the last few years, we’ve been focusing on female ecologists, especially during Women’s History Month (March) each year. Visit our page devoted to these women for a full list of links. The good news is we have much more to come! Thanks to the…

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A group of people, presumably a teacher with her students, sit in an open field. Black and white, circa 1947.

Harriet George Barclay, Tributes to a Teacher

Harriet George Barclay, August 31, 1901- May 25, 1990“She kept saying she couldn’t die because she had too much to do,” recalls retired University of Tulsa biology professor Dr. Paul Buck, for whom Barclay was mentor and friend. … [Until a few weeks before her death] “She was at her computer, organizing data about some 15,000 plant collections—with multiple specimens…

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Dr. Iris C-F. Yen

Iris C-F. Yen

From an “Ecologist Directory” maintained by the ESA Education Office about 2004-2005. Profile circa 2004.Degree                                           Ph.D.Position                                         Assistant ProfessorDepartment                                   Department of Ecology ProvidenceOrganization                                 University, Taiwan When did you get interested in ecology? Who was most influential in guiding you into ecology?I got interested in ecology at a very early age. I grew up in a big farm house with my brothers,…

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Original ESA Members

In 1917, shortly after its founding, ESA published a detailed directory, or “handbook,” based on questions asked of its early members. The list provided documentation of the individuals’ professional position, field of study, research methods, and other details, making it an invaluable resource for historians. See full directory spreadsheet here. In placing this text version here, our goal is to…

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Celebrating Women in Ecology–since 1988

This post is part of a series for Women’s History Month, March 2016. See all related posts. In August 1988, Dr. Jean Harmon Langenheim spoke to ESA members as the Society’s past president. Her speech, The Path and Progress of American Women Ecologists, was published in the ESA Bulletin the following December. In the introduction, she wrote: “For my address…

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Women in Ecology, Then and Now

This post is part of a series for Women’s History Month, March 2016. See all related posts. Thirty years ago, Dr. Jean Langenheim initiated a project on “women ecologists” by sending letters to dozens of women who were practicing ecology, most of whom were in the United States. From her position as ESA’s past president, she asked each of them…

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Speaking of Women in Ecology

March will, once again, be Women’s History Month here in the U.S.* We’ll be focusing on the many women who now work, and have worked, in ecological sciences. We would love to have your help! We’ll be posting bios of women whose contributions are significant but who may, personally, be little known outside the field of ecology, as well as…

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