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ESA Bulletin reflects on the Society’s first 100 years

In recognition of ESA’s centennial in 2015, the Bulletin is publishing a series on the Society’s history, its practitioners, and the history of ecology as a discipline.Most links below open PDFs from the Bulletin of the Ecological Society of America. For more reviews and reflections, visit the references page. Centennial Articles The Ecological Society of America at Mid-Century: Finding Its…

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Bulletin’s First 100th Anniversary Issue

In this centennial year, Bulletin editor Ed Johnson will be focusing on articles outlining ESA history and related themes in addition to regular reports. The January issue contains a nice launch of this series celebrating the 100th anniversary. ESA Founders Pictured on the Cover, ESA Bulletin 96:1 p 3The Ecological Society of America: Founders, Founding Stories, Foundations, by Sharon Kingsland….

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