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July 2015

Early Career Ecologists partner with PLOS Ecology for ESA

We are making two announcements below that include PLOS: 1) refreshments for our special session on early career challenges will be provided by PLOS. So please come help us enjoy them! 2) PLOS is starting a new forum for blogging about ecology, and they want early career contributors!

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Interdisciplinary Research in Ecology [announcement]

This is a guest announcement from Dennis Tarasi, a PhD Candidate in the Peet Lab at UNC-Chapel Hill* What is interdisciplinary research? What is the future of interdisciplinary research in ecology? Interdisciplinary research is one of the most commonly used catchphrases in the field of ecology and broader science in general. This term has been used (and misused) so much…

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Check out our ESA Centennial events!

The Early Career Ecologist Section has been busy proposing, organizing, and collaborating to offer many events and resources in the near future. See our page for ESA 2015 for more details on these and other events!

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