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2019 Business Meeting

Information about the ECE Section efforts 2018/2019

Current Officers:

  • Soon to be Past chair: Nate Emery
  • Incoming Chair: Angee Doerr
  • Secretary/Treasurer: Justin Suraci
  • Webmaster: Naupaka Zimmerman
  • Twitter Master: Avery Scherer
  • Non-academic officer: Tim Fullman
  • Members at large: Cait Rottler


  • We are sound financially. With membership dues and leftover long-term planning grant funds we’re doing ok.
  • Almost all of our activities/programs are low budget


  • New Logo – Designed by member Simone Des Roches
  • Webinar Series – 12 different webinars on a variety of topics hosted here:
  • Webinars may merge with ESA-level webinars as a special themed series for greater reach and support from ESA staff to host the webinars
  • Monthly Newsletter – will continue with relevant opportunities and resources, feedback welcome.
  • “So You’re About To ___” Series has premiered online:
  • Series is a repository of numerous resources. It’s not completely cleaned up and any more resources are absolutely welcome. Built by ECE officers and Naupaka Zimmerman
  • Annual meeting activities: Workshops, INSPIRE session on diverse careers, Head shot setup at the booth and To Do List game for book raffle (with student section thanks to Angee Doerr)
  • Mentoring Program: Hallmark program of the section – pairing senior ecologists with early career folks. Excellent work done by Shelby Rinehart.
  • Outstanding publication award goes to: Steidinger et al. 2019. Climatic controls of decomposition drive the global biogeography of forest-tree symbioses. Nature


  • New Vice Chair: Cari Ficken of the University of Waterloo
  • New Secretary/Treasurer: Molly Reichenborn of Wichita State University


  • Nate attended Governing Board meetings in the Fall of 2018, Spring of 2019, Louisville 2019.
  • Spoke up numerous times to emphasis the impact of policies on early career ecologists. Contributed to strategic plan for the next 5 yrs of ESA
  • Engaged with Board members about focusing on career trajectories (early career does not equal early career academic) and skills training as support for early career members
  • Emphasized an ESA-wide mentoring program and/or system to connect members and expand the ESA membership benefit beyond the annual meeting.
  • ESA staff are wonderful and very welcoming of collaboration to help early career folks