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Where the Red Fox Dens: Fox dens foster tree growth, according to new study

(September 13, 2022) – A study published in Ecosphere reveals that trees growing on and around the sites of fox dens, especially long-established fox dens, grow faster than trees without vulpine intervention.

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High-flying hover flies: entomologists report for the first time that some North American hover flies migrate

(July 19, 2022) – Scientists have documented long-distance migration for the first time in several species of North American hover flies, some of the continent’s most important pollinators.

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Over half of threatened species require targeted recovery actions

A staggering 57% of threatened species need targeted recovery actions to ensure their survival, new research has shown.

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A Prickly Situation

New research shows how the availability of kelp detritus alters the foraging behavior of urchins from passive feeding to active grazing on living kelp.

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The space between us

A study from the Missouri Ozarks highlights the importance of spatial aspects of biodiversity for healthy functioning of naturally occurring forests.

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