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Rapid Response Team

The ESA Rapid Response Team (RRT) is comprised of ecological scientists in a variety of fields, ranging from agroecology and invasive species to climate change and science education. These experts have committed to serve as resources for policymakers and the media. The RRT works with ESA staff to provide on-call ecological expertise in a variety of ways, which may include:

RRT member Jeff Dukes of Purdue University meets with former Rep. Bob Inglis (R-SC), the founder of republicEn.

  • Serving as panelists in briefings for congressional staff
  • Reviewing ESA letters to Congress
  • Providing expert testimony to Congress
  • Providing expert information to Congress
  • Analyzing the likely ecological consequences of proposed changes to environmental regulations
  • Speaking with the media

To request the assistance of a Rapid Response Team member, contact Alison Mize (gro.asenull@nosila), Nicole Zimmerman (gro.asenull@elocin) or Heidi Swanson (gro.asenull@idieh).