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Rapid Response Team

The ESA Rapid Response Team (RRT) is comprised of ecological scientists in a variety of fields, ranging from agroecology and invasive species to climate change and science education. These experts have committed to serve as resources for policymakers and the media. The RRT works with ESA staff to provide on-call ecological expertise in a variety of ways, which may include:

  • Serving as panelists in briefings for congressional staff
  • Reviewing ESA letters to Congress
  • Providing expert testimony to Congress
  • Providing expert information to Congress
  • Analyzing the likely ecological consequences of proposed changes to environmental regulations
  • Speaking with the media

Rapid Response Team member Jeff Dukes (Purdue University) talks to former Rep. Bob Inglis (R-SC), the founder of

ESA is expanding the Rapid Response team and invites any member to apply to be a member of the RRT.

One of ESA’s central missions is to share ecological information with policymakers and members of the media. Since the Society opened its Public Affairs Office in 1983, ESA has served as a trusted source of ecological information. The establishment of the RRT in 2005 enhanced our ability to respond to time-sensitive issues, such as 2010’s BP oil spill and to the more recent Hurricanes Irma and Maria. ESA also encourages RRT members to alert the Society to policy issues or other opportunities.

ESA Public Affairs staff will provide guidance and training about how to effectively communicate your science to policymakers and media if needed.

Depending on current national events, ESA may call upon members several times a year. RRT members generally serve for at least three years. In addition, RRT members may contribute guest posts to the Society’s popular blog, EcoTone.

Please apply here if you believe your unique combination of skills and expertise make you an ideal candidate for the RRT. You will be rendering the ecological community an important service.

Please feel free to contact Alison Mize, director of public affairs, (gro.asenull@nosila) or Nicole Zimmerman, public affairs manager, (gro.asenull@elocin)  if you have any questions. We look forward to hearing from you.