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Guest Post

An Interview with Ecologist & Children’s Book Author Elise Gornish

Elise Gornish is a life member of ESA and a founder of the Ecological Restoration Section. She was elected an Early Career Fellow of the Society in 2019. In June, she published her first children’s book, what she believes is the first children’s book on ecological restoration. A Kids’ Guide to Ecological Restoration is available via Amazon. ESA: What was…

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ESA’s SEEDS students visit Puerto Rico

In spring 2022, the ESA SEEDS program took a regional field trip to the NEON field sites in Puerto Rico. It was the first SEEDS in-person event since September 2019, when SEEDS hosted a Leadership Meeting at the Virginia Coastal Reserve.

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Remembering EO Wilson

EO Wilson spent his life devoted to understanding, cherishing and engaging with society in every way possible to protect biodiversity on our beautiful planet. With the massive hemorrhaging of species and natural habitat, we can wonder whether he felt defeated in the end. But we can also ask what would have happened if he had not spent his life devoted to saving life and its diversity?

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Tom Lovejoy Tribute

The world lost a dedicated scientist and enthusiastic spokesperson for the environment with the passing of Tom Lovejoy. His optimism, generosity, and compassion inspired an amazing spectrum of ecologists, conservation biologists, economists, politicians, celebrities, and students.

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The Ecology of Bourbon Country

By Bruce A. Byers Just north of what is now Frankfort, Kentucky, the capital of the state, the Kentucky River, flowing north at that point, makes a right-angle bend to the west. Sandbars developed at that turn, creating a shallow ford where bison crossed the river on annual migrations from east to west and back. Daniel Boone passed here, following…

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