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Awards Committee

The Awards Committee and its subcommittees work to advance the Society’s mission and goals by recognizing achievements in and contributions to the field of ecology. The Awards Committee is responsible for selecting candidates for honorary awards of the Society and for recommending candidates for other awards for which ecologists may be eligible.


The chairs of all award subcommittees are members of the Awards Committee. Subcommittee Chairs are appointed to overlapping three-year terms, except for the MacArthur Award Chair, who shall serve for six years. In addition to the Chair, each Subcommittee shall generally consist of six members with overlapping, two-year terms.

Committee Members

  • Katharine Suding, Awards Committee Chair (2018 – 2021) | University of Colorado 
    INSTAAR Email

Student Awards (Buell/Braun) Subcommittee

  • Phoebe Zarnetske, Chair | Michigan State University Email
  • Jennifer Bhatnagar
  • Carolyn Kurle
  • Daniel Laughlin
  • Sean Menke

Commitment to Human Diversity in Ecology Award Subcommittee

  • Gillian Bowser, Chair | Colorado State University Email
  • Brenda Bergman
  • Jacoby Carter
  • Robert Dyball
  • Concepcion Rodriguez Fourquet
  • Nyheema Harris

W.S. Cooper Award Subcommittee

  • Carissa Brown, Chair (2019 – 2021) | Memorial University of Newfoundland Department of Geography Email
  • Carissa Brown
  • Andrew Trant

Eminent Ecologist Award Subcommittee

  • Elizabeth Borer, Chair | College of Biological Sciences University of Minnesota Email
  • Lars Hedin
  • Kirsten Hofmockle
  • Brian McGill
  • Mercedes Pascual
  • Kabir Peay
  • Sharon Strauss

Distinguished Service Citation Subcommittee

  • Alison “Sunny” Power, Chair | Cornell University Email
  • Carla D’Antonio
  • Ray Dueser
  • Rich Pouyat
  • Melinda Smith

Fellows and Early Career Fellows Selection Subcommittee

  • Sarah Hobbie, Chair (2016-2020) | University of Minnesota Email
  • Cherie Briggs
  • Carmen Cid
  • Nick Haddad
  • Jennifer Martiny
  • Oswald Schmitz
  • Nate Sanders

Forrest Shreve Award, R.H. Whittaker Travel Award, R.H. Whittaker Distinguished Ecologist Awards Subcommittee

  • Sasha Reed, Chair (2019-2021) | U.S. Geological Survey Email
  • Nameer Baker
  • Nichole Barger
  • Songlin Fei
  • Nikki Grant-Hoffman
  • Mauricio Quesada
  • Daniel Winkler

Robert H. MacArthur Award Subcommittee

  • Antony Ives, Chair (2016 – 2020) | University of Wisconsin – Madison Email
  • Anurag Agrawal 
  • Jim Elser
  • Lenore Fahrig
  • Saran Twombly

Mercer Award Subcommittee

  • Jeremy Fox, Chair | University of Calgary Email
  • Marcelo Ardon-Sayao
  • Brian Enquist
  • Vanessa Ezenwa
  • Cathy Pfister
  • Carla Staver

National and International Award Nominations Subcommittee

  • (vacant)

Odum Education Award Subcommittee

  • Vikki Rodgers, Chair (2019 – 2021) | Babson College Email
  • Chris Beck
  • Richard Boyce
  • Luanna Prevost
  • Sara Scanga
  • Ben Wu

Sustainability Science Award Subcommittee

  • Matt Liebman, Chair (2019 – 2021) | Iowa State University Email
  • Elena Bennett
  • Laura Dee
  • Lauren Hallett
  • Bruce Maxwell
  • Lauren Ponisio
  • Matthew Potts
  • Mary Ruckelshaus