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Professional Ethics Committee

The Professional Ethics Committee works to advance the Society’s mission and goals by maintaining and enforcing ethical standards for ecologists. The Committee is responsible for reviewing ethical issues of concern to members of ESA and keeping the members informed about these issues. The Professional Ethics and Appeals Committee is responsible for:

  • Proposing to the Governing Board modifications of the Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct for Events, as needed
  • Recommending Governing Board action to enforce the Code of Ethics and the Code of Conduct for Events, including:
    • Advising the President and Governing Board when informed of ethical or other misconduct by a member of ESA
    • If so directed by the Governing Board, carrying out investigations of ethical misconduct
    • If appropriate, proposing sanctions to the Governing Board
  • Considering appeals by individuals who are denied membership or certification and forwarding recommendations to the Governing Board.


  • Chair
  • Members: At least one Certified Senior Ecologist, and others as Governing Board members may not serve on this committee.

Committee Members

  • M. Dale Strickland, Chair (2019- 2022)
  • Jacquelyn Gill (2022 – 2025)
  • Ron Trosper (2022 – 2025)
  • Naupaka Zimmerman (2020 – 2023)
  • Rese Cloyd (2019 – 2022)