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#ESA2016 Forest Shreve Student Research Fund awarded to Nameer Baker and Camila Medeiros

The Shreve award supplies $1,000-2,000 to support ecological research by graduate or undergraduate student members of ESA in the hot deserts of North America (Sonora, Mohave, Chihuahua, and Vizcaino). Nameer Baker, a Ph.D. candidate at the University of California, Irvine, works on the effects of climate on microbial decomposition and carbon cycling in desert systems.   Camila Medeiros, who is…

Etienne Laliberté, Graham Zemunik, and Benjamin L. Turner presented with the Cooper Award for an outstanding research publication in the field of geobotany

The W.S. Cooper Award honors the authors of an outstanding publication in the field of geobotany, physiographic ecology, plant succession or the distribution of plants along environmental gradients. Etienne Laliberté, Graham Zemunik, and Benjamin L. Turner (2014) Environmental filtering explains variation in plant diversity along resource gradients. Science 345: 1602–1605. DOI: 10.1126/science.1256330 William S. Cooper was a pioneer of physiographic ecology…

Expanding the reach of environmental research with Citizen Science

“Investing in Citizen Science can improve natural resource management and environmental protection” is Ecological Society of America’s guide to deciding if citizen science is right for your organization, and the best design to meet your organization’s goals. Number 19 in ESA’s series Issues in Ecology, the report is included as a resource in the Federal Citizen Science and Crowdsourcing Toolkit, released by the White House OSTP this morning in conjunction with a Citizen Science Forum webcast live from the White House and a memo mandating the incorporation of citizen science into all federal agency programming.