Wullschleger receives Commitment to Human Diversity in Ecology Award

by Kimberly A Askey, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
April 19, 2022

Stan Wullschleger, associate laboratory director for biological and environmental systems science at the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory, is the recipient of the 2022 Commitment to Human Diversity in Ecology Award from the Ecological Society of America, or ESA.

The award honors Wullschleger for his long-standing contributions to increasing future ecologists’ diversity through mentoring, teaching and outreach.

“In 30 years of experience, Dr. Wullschleger interacted with hundreds of scientists, technicians and students, providing leadership, strategic planning and professional development opportunities,” the ESA stated. “We honor him for the initiatives to create an inclusive and diversified culture among scientists while bringing awareness to the discipline and ecological profession.”

The ESA awards committee noted that Wullschleger’s career is “marked by his commitment to providing opportunities, safe spaces and highlighting the contributions of different ethnic groups, gender identities and cultures.”

In addition to leading ORNL’s Biological and Environmental Systems Science Directorate, Wullschleger is an ORNL Corporate Fellow and oversees the lab’s Climate Change Science Institute. He also directs the DOE’s Next-Generation Ecosystem Experiments Arctic project, or NGEE Arctic, a long-term endeavor exploring the function of tundra ecosystems in a rapidly changing climate.

“I am deeply honored to receive this award from the Ecological Society of America,” Wullschleger said. “Throughout my career, I have benefited from the insight and inspiration of my colleagues. Our teams must increasingly embrace diverse views, perspectives and life experiences as together we push the frontiers of scientific knowledge forward. It is essential that everyone be included, heard and valued as we interact to better understand, predict and develop strategies to address environmental change.”

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Read the ESA press release: https://www.esa.org/blog/2022/04/19/ecological-society-of-america-announces-2022-award-recipients/