A Conference about Water V: The EcoEd Digital Library

This post was submitted by Teresa Mourad and Jennifer Riem of ESA’s Education Office.

The ongoing discussions at the Millennium Conference are highlighting the role that ecologists and social scientists play in issues related to water, ecosystem services, and drought. Preparing the next generation of scientists to research, adapt, mitigate and manage these challenges is a responsibility that we all share.

While the plenary talks and poster presentations have all showcased the current scientific knowledge about these topics, EcoEd Digital Library is also showcasing a collection of teaching resources related to water resources that can be used to bring this knowledge into the classroom. These resources were all submitted by ecologists who have integrated their own research into their teaching and published their work for others to use. The collection highlights the close-knit relationship between research and education that must be developed in order to prepare future ecologists and social scientists to add to the knowledge being shared today.

You can view the resources in the Drought & Water-Ecosystem Services Collection here.

EcoEd Digital Library is part of the BioScience Education Network (BEN), which is the biology pathway of the National Science Digital Library. EcoEd DL accepts a wide variety of resources, including  photos and photo collections, videos, tables and figures, datasets, and classroom activities. The descriptions and keywords accompanying the resources allow instructors to search by keyword and browse by ecological concept. By submitting research products to the library, researchers can fulfill broader impacts requirements of funding agencies. Most importantly, educators will have access to the best scientific resources for their classrooms.

EcoEd DL also welcomes resources on other ecological topics. For more information on how to submit, please visit the EcoEd Digital Library page.