When is the abstract deadline this year?

Thursday, February 25th at 5:00 PM Eastern (2:00 PM Pacific). Find other important dates here.

Where is my notification email?

Do you have a submission that you have not received an acceptance notification for within the promised timeframe? First, check your junk mail folder. If you see a notification there, please mark it as “not junk” and whitelist the sender. If you don’t see a notification in your junk mail, please contact meetings@nullesa.org with your abstract or proposal title and ID number for more information. We notify everyone of all decisions, including rejections, so please let us know if emails are not getting through to you.

Will this year’s meeting be held in person?

If public health conditions allow, the 2021 Annual Meeting will be a hybrid meeting in Long Beach that combines in-person and virtual elements. If in-person elements are not possible, the meeting will be a virtual event, with all sessions taking place entirely online.

When will meeting registration open?

We are planning to open registration in May.

The session proposal submission form asks me to indicate whether I prefer an in person or virtual session. What does this mean for the session I am proposing?

Proposal submitters are asked to indicate their preference for an in person or virtual session at the time of submission. Organizer preferences will not affect acceptance decisions. This question is specifically asked to help ESA plan for a hybrid meeting scenario. If in-person elements are not possible, the meeting will be entirely virtual, with all accepted sessions held online regardless of the preference indicated in the session proposal. We will keep all session organizers updated as we receive more guidance on best practices from our meeting venue and the state of California. Rest assured that this is only a preference, not a final decision of any kind. If we are able to proceed with a hybrid event, session organizers will have the opportunity to revisit this preference during a later stage of planning.

If I am invited to speak in a session that would prefer to convene in person in Long Beach, am I required to present in person?

No. If this year’s meeting is a hybrid event, all presenters will have a remote presentation option.

Do I need to sign up in advance for workshops and short courses?

Yes. Advance signups will be required for all workshops and short courses whether they are in-person on virtual. Short courses will require a fee.

Workshops will not require a fee. Anyone will be able to add workshops for free to their overall meeting registration. Advance signups will be required for in-person workshops to keep the number of attendees in each workshop in compliance with social distancing guidelines. Advance signups will be required for virtual workshops to keep the number of attendees in each workshop within a feasible capacity for effective online learning.

Who will have access to materials uploaded for workshops and short courses (slides, prerecorded videos, handouts, recordings of live trainings)?

Files for workshops will be available to all meeting attendees. If you have registered for the ESA meeting, but were not able to sign up for a workshop, you will be able to access any related files later.

Files for short courses will be available only to attendees who signed up for that short course and paid the fee.