Dependent Care Grants

To support the participation of people who are caregivers in such a time-intensive event as the Annual Meeting, the ESA Governing Board authorized up to $20,000 in grants to cover the short-term dependent care costs of ecologists who:

  • Are ESA members at the time of application
  • Face a significant financial burden for alternative care options for a dependent during time of the Annual Meeting
  • Do not already pay for care services

This is an ideal opportunity for professionals and students who have child or dependent care obligations and find themselves providing full-time care due to the pandemic. Grants of up to $500 (one per household) are available for attendees of the virtual Annual Meeting.

Use this form to submit your information, describe how you would use funding and approximately how much you expect to need. Priority consideration will be given to applications submitted by April 30; applications submitted after that date will be considered on a rolling basis as funds are available until a final date of June 24. These grants will be processed as reimbursements; staff will forward instructions to submit a request when communicating the status of your application.

2021 Annual Meeting Dependent Care Grant Application
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Do you normally pay for caregiver services? *

Please contact if you have any questions.

Why Is ESA Offering Dependent Care Grants?

The financial burden of child and adult dependent care affects the Society’s members. The impact can be so great that it often prevents attendance at meetings, especially for graduate students and early career scientists. ESA is committed to helping members with dependents attend meetings; therefore, members may apply for depend care grants for use during the meeting week.

Important Dates

  • Applications are due Thursday, June 24, 2021; priority will be given to applications received by April 30, 2021
  • Awards will be announced in early July 2021

Grant Eligibility and General Information

    • Applicants must be 2021 ESA members. Check your membership status by logging into your ESA account.
    • Applicants must be registered for the ESA 2021 Annual Meeting. In the event that you are not granted funds, applicants will be able to cancel their registration with no penalty.
    • Grants may be awarded for childcare, elder care, or other dependent care.
    • Applications are limited to one per household.
    • Awards will be paid out via reimbursement after the meeting.
    • Funds can be used for:
      • Child or dependent care at the home
      • Child or dependent care at a location outside of the home
      • Travel for a caregiver to your home
      • Other scenarios on a case-by-case basis