Copyright and Ethics Agreement

You will be asked to agree to several statements about copyright and ethics.

  1. I have the rights to use all of the content included in my presentation.
  2. I have given appropriate attribution where content is used with permission.
  3. I have followed the principles of conduct as outlined in the Code of Ethics for the Ecological Society of America ».
  4. I understand that this presentation will be shared with other registered attendees for this event.

Step 1: Uploading your slides (Required)

You will begin by uploading your slides in a PowerPoint or PDF format. Here are the technical guidelines that you should follow for best results.
  • The file size limit for your slides is 100 MB. This has been updated to reflect new guidelines from our vendor.
  • The slides will display as images. Please do not include audio or video embedded in the slides, as these will not be preserved after upload. Animations and slide transitions should be avoided as well.
  • Links will display as text but not be clickable (see the Handouts step below if you have important links to include).
  • For best results, use a 16:9 aspect ratio. The meeting platform supports 4:3 as well. If you have already made your slides in 4:3, you don’t need to change the aspect ratio. If you haven’t made your slides yet, please use 16:9.
  • For optimal display, we recommend using a font that is sans-serif (such as Arial or Calibri) with a minimum font size of 10 pt. We recommend using something larger than 10 pt for your main text, but if you do need to use small text for something such as labels, just make sure you don’t use anything smaller than 10 pt.
The slides will require a short processing time (up to 5 minutes) before you can proceed to the next step.

Step 2: Recording audio in our system (Optional but highly encouraged)

You will be able to record audio for your slides within the meeting platform, which will guide you through the steps. Recording audio for your talk is highly encouraged; however, we realize some speakers may face technical or other constraints that do not allow this. You can return to record later (any time up to July 15th) if needed. We recommend recording at a computer in a quiet place using a headset or microphone for the best audio quality. You will be prompted to record audio for each slide. You can skip recording audio for any slide. You can record a talk shorter than the maximum time allowed. You can exceed the maximum talk timing by up to 3 minutes to allow for some margin of error with this new slide by slide recording approach. It’s easy to record the audio again for any slide if you need a few tries to get the recording right.

Step 2: Alternatives to recording audio through the interface (Available by request)

If necessary, you may upload a video of your talk instead of recording audio within the system. We can provide an option by request to allow the upload of one video, with a size limit of 100 MB, in MP4 format. This video will not automatically sync with the slides you have provided, and the meeting platform will not be able to provide closed captioning for it. For these reasons, we do not recommend this option unless there is a reason you strongly prefer to record a video on your own. If this is the case, please contact us so we can set up a video upload for you.

Step 3: Handout (Optional)

You will be able to upload a handout with supplementary information as a PDF file with a size limit of 30 MB. This is an excellent option if you wish to provide supplemental information of any kind. We are calling it a handout, but you have some flexibility in what you use this optional file upload for. It can be any number of pages as long as it does not exceed 30 MB. If you wish to link to any additional information online for attendees to click through, placing those links into a PDF and uploading it at this step is our recommended approach.

Step 4: Review and correct closed captioning (optional but highly encouraged)

If you recorded audio within the system, closed captioning will be automatically generated for each slide after a short processing time (up to 5 minutes). You can return to review these captions later (any time up to July 15th) if needed. Once the captions are available, we highly recommend reviewing them and making any necessary corrections using the text editor within the interface. These captions are generated using an AI process, and they are not always accurate, especially with technical language. To help us make on demand presentations as accessible as possible, we need your help making sure the automatic captions are accurate.Your slides are your content. The ESA meeting platform will only allow registered attendees to see your slides, but you can share them beyond the meeting as well.