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SEEDS Pollinator ToolKit

SEEDS Pollinator Toolkit!

Below is a list of what you will find in this Toolkit. 


Fun Facts

A set of selected facts about the topic, written in language to appeal to general audience. You can pick and choose those statements appropriate for your audience.

Science Summary

A technical paper that provides an overview of the science behind the service.

Policy Overview

Key legislation and administrative policy and programs.

What You Can Do Fact Sheet

A list of things that individuals can do to help maintain the service. This was developed for public dissemination.

Presentation Aids

Visual, literary, and training resources for written or oral presentations.

Educational Outreach Activity Ideas 

A set of educational outreach activities for a variety of audiences to promote understanding of pollinators and pollination.

Case Studies

A series of case studies and information on pollination related programs.



References, Websites, Researchers