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Chapter Locations

SEEDS Campus Ecology Chapters are local affiliates of the SEEDS program which serve to further the mission of SEEDS on college campuses throughout the country. Chapter leaders and student members of each chapter engage in activities to promote ecology through education, outreach, recruitment, and career development. Each Chapter customizes its program to the interests of its members and the needs of its campus and community.

Examples of chapter activities include but are not limited to:

  • developing a local chapter web page and making a significant contribution to the student online community and engaging in dialogue
  • planning campus activities to support the goal and mission of the Chapter and SEEDS
  • planning and attending field trips
  • inviting guest speakers
  • hosting ecology career seminars
  • sending students to professional meetings in ecology or related discipline

Chapters are grouped into regions: Northwest Chapters, Puerto Rico Chapters, Mid-Atlantic Chapters, Southwest Chapters, Southeast Chapters, and Northeast Chapters

 Through regional collaboration and networking, we hope to encourage and involve more students, foster connections between local Chapters and promote sustainable programs and activities through joint-venture.

Click the image to access the SEEDS Chapters map