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Start a Chapter

SEEDS welcomes new schools to join the Chapter network and work toward increasing student awareness and interest in ecology. Ecology and ecology-related (Biology, Environmental Science, Earth Science…) clubs that are already in existence, as well as newly formed student groups interested in ecology and the SEEDS mission, may apply to become a SEEDS Campus Ecology Chapter.

Chapter Benefits

  • Create a supportive community amongst undergraduate students interested in Ecology 
  • Chapters are organized by students with the help of a Faculty Advisor 
  • You would receive a certificate recognizing the institution as a participant in the SEEDS Campus Ecology Chapter program
  • Access to SEEDS Chapter Grant opportunity (up to $5,000) to help each Chapter establish itself and/or sustain its ideas for outreach and research opportunities
  • Access to SEEDS program announcements such as Field Trips and ESA Annual Meeting Travel Awards 
  • Potential to have student leaders participate in the SEEDS Leadership Meeting
  • Potential for a visit from a SEEDS staff member to conduct a presentation or workshop on the program or careers in ecology
  • Access to the SEEDS Chapter and ESA member networks 

Chapter Requirements

    • Each chapter must support the mission of SEEDS – to promote ecology opportunities for underrepresented students or community members.
    • Each chapter must have at least one (1) faculty advisor or sponsor. The advisor(s) may be a member of the faculty or staff who is selected according to the criteria established by the chapter. Although there are no requirements for an advisor, the advisor should demonstrate dedication and commitment to the chapter’s students and mission.
    • Each chapter must have a student representative to serve as a liaison to the SEEDS program. It is the chapter’s responsibility to designate a representative and provide accurate contact information for this person to the program.
    • To begin, each chapter should have at least 5 student members. SEEDS Chapter student members are not required to be ESA members, and we do not charge any membership fees.
    • A yearly Chapter Report must be submitted to SEEDS Staff to be in good standing and qualify for financial support.


Please use the SEEDS Chapter Handbook as a guide to determine if you should start a SEEDS Chapter in your academic institution.


        Chapter Application


    Please also send any relevant Chapter photos or other documents (<2MB) to our email: Application hard copies are not necessary and are discouraged. Any relevant Chapter application materials that cannot be sent electronically may be mailed to: SEEDS Campus Ecology Chapters; Ecological Society of America; 1990 M Street NW, Suite 700 Washington, DC 20036.