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Start a Chapter

SEEDS welcomes new schools to join the Chapter network and work toward increasing student awareness and interest in ecology. Ecology and ecology-related (Biology, Environmental Science, Earth Science…) clubs that are already in existence, as well as newly formed student groups interested in ecology and the SEEDS mission, may apply to become a SEEDS Campus Ecology Chapter.

Chapter Benefits

  • Create a supportive community amongst undergraduate students interested in Ecology 
  • Chapters are organized by students with the help of a Faculty Advisor 
  • You would receive a certificate recognizing the institution as a participant in the SEEDS Campus Ecology Chapter program
  • Access to SEEDS Chapter Grant opportunity (up to $5,000) to help each Chapter establish itself and/or sustain its ideas for outreach and research opportunities
  • Access to SEEDS program announcements such as Field Trips and ESA Annual Meeting Travel Awards 
  • Potential to have student leaders participate in the SEEDS Leadership Meeting
  • Potential for a visit from a SEEDS staff member to conduct a presentation or workshop on the program or careers in ecology
  • Access to the SEEDS Chapter and ESA member networks 

Chapter Requirements

    • Each chapter must support the mission of SEEDS – to promote ecology opportunities for underrepresented students or community members.
    • Each chapter must have at least one (1) faculty member as a Primary Advisory or Co-Advisor role. Although there are no requirements for an advisor, the advisor should demonstrate dedication and commitment to the chapter’s students and mission. Having a member of the faculty in the advisor or co-advisor role facilitates funding and organizing events. 
    • Each chapter must have an undergraduate student representative to serve as a liaison to the SEEDS program. It is the chapter’s responsibility to designate a representative and provide accurate contact information for this person to the program.
    • To begin, each chapter should have at least 5 student members. SEEDS Chapter student members are not required to be ESA members, and we do not charge any membership fees.
    • A yearly Chapter Report must be submitted to SEEDS Staff to be in good standing and qualify for financial support.


Please use the SEEDS Chapter Handbook as a guide to determine if you should start a SEEDS Chapter in your academic institution.


        Chapter Application


    Please also send any relevant Chapter photos or other documents (<2MB) to our email: Application hard copies are not necessary and are discouraged. Any relevant Chapter application materials that cannot be sent electronically may be mailed to: SEEDS Campus Ecology Chapters; Ecological Society of America; 1990 M Street NW, Suite 700 Washington, DC 20036.