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SPUR Fellowship

SEEDS Partnerships for Undergraduate Research (SPUR) Fellowship

The SPUR Fellowship is the highest honor in the SEEDS program, and fellows are encouraged to be the outstanding leaders in the future of ESA. The award supports the undergraduate student in designing and conducting an ecology research project of interest.  SEEDS has established partnerships with field stations and mentors to offer exciting summer opportunities that will be tailored to meet your interests, career objectives and growth as a scientist. For most opportunities, no prior research experiences is necessary. 

NOTE to field sites: If you are from an institution with summer undergraduate internship or research opportunities and would like to learn more on how to partner with SEEDS, please visit:

Our Partners for the SPUR Fellowship 2022-2023: 

Other Partners:

Each partner will host one or more SEEDS Fellows during the first summer. Locations and research focus varies for each partner.  Applicants are strongly encouraged to visit our parts websites for more information on their research focus.

TIP: You can apply to 3 different summer research experiences with one simple application!

Award Details

The coming SPUR Fellowship will run from Spring 2022 through August 2023.  The award includes:

  1. A paid summer research or internship opportunity with a partner site with travel and research expenses covered.
  2. Participation and travel expenses to the 2022 SEEDS Leadership Meeting.
  3. Participation and travel expenses to the 2023 SEEDS Spring National Field Trip
  4. Participation and travel expenses to the 2023 ESA Annual Meeting in Portland, Oregon. 

The SEEDS Fellows get to experience every aspect of the SEEDS program with just one simple application! This is a fully funded fellowship – all travel experiences are covered by SEEDS and the partners. 


  • Undergraduate students seeking a Bachelors degree (graduation date no earlier than May 2023).
  • Associate degree with the intention of receiving a Bachelors degree
  • Supports the mission of SEEDS
  • Underrepresented minority, low income, first generation college and veteran students are strongly encouraged to apply.


  • Able to work in a highly independent manner – (Most often mentors are located in different areas from the fellow’s home institution. SEEDS staff and the rest of the fellowship cohort will also be located at distance.)
  • Maintain regular and reliable communication via email, phone, and web meetings
  • Must participate in scheduled web meetings with SEEDS staff and the fellowship cohort
  • Meet all deadlines
  • Maintain a LinkedIn profile and acknowledge the Fellowship on LinkedIn profiles, conference abstracts and proceedings and publications as specified (instructions will be provided)
  • Write and publish a blog on your reflections as a SPUR Fellow after your summer experience
  • Please see the individual Partnership Research Sites for any further requirements

Please read all of the materials and descriptions before starting your application. Application must be finished once started.  Please have all your application materials ready before you start.

Funding for the SPUR Fellowship is provided by the National Science Foundation and our partners.