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ESA Annual Meeting

Important ESA Annual Meeting Update

ESA will hold a totally virtual Annual Meeting this year from August 3–6 in response to the pandemic. The virtual meeting will provide four days of inspiration and community, an opportunity to focus on your research and your career, and a way to connect with colleagues and leaders from across the field.

Please visit our meeting website for more information:


We will be hosting our students virtually. This means that the outline of the meeting will change a bit, but the core mentoring component of the SEEDS program will still be there for our participating students. Staff is working to organize what our virtual timeline will look like – we will have more information soon! 

The SEEDS Program offers two types of funded travel awards to attend the ESA Annual Meeting:

Travel awards defray expenses to attend the ESA Meeting including air travel, meals, lodging, and registration. Travel awards are funded through support of the National Science Foundation and ESA member donations. 

ESA is the nation’s leading professional society of ecologists, representing 10,000 scientists, researchers, policy-makers and managers from the United States and over 50 other nations. The ESA Annual Meeting draws more than 3,500 professionals from around the world to participate in scientific presentations, symposia, workshops, field trips, and a trade show. It provides an excellent venue to engage students and faculty in one of the most important facets of science – communicating ideas and new knowledge with the scientific community.

SEEDS specific events at the Annual Meeting include an orientation meeting and dinner, a mixer, and a breakfast for participants and mentors. Other highlighted events include a diversity luncheon and student events such as section meetings and mixers.

Annual Meeting Packages – Sponsor a student to attend! 

In addition to the limited SEEDS Undergraduate Student Travel Awards to the ESA Meeting, we would like to invite institutions to think about sponsoring students to the ESA Annual Meeting from August 3-6, 2020 in its virtual format. We strongly encourage you to seek support from your university/college to provide funds for an outstanding student. It will be a great opportunity to interact with the world’s largest network of professional ecologists and diversity mentoring program in the field in a virtual setting.  Staff will welcome your students to all SEEDS events and interact with the rest of the participants and will arrange an ESA meeting mentor for them as well.

Due to the virtual nature of this years Annual Meeting we will only be offering one package to attend the meeting: 

  • Full package includes all arrangements made by the SEEDS program, an ESA meeting mentor, meeting registration and student membership: $100.

For more information about our packages and sponsoring a student, please contact us at

The 105th ESA Annual Meeting – Harnessing the ecological data revolution. will be held virtually from August 3-6, 2020.