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SEEDS Chapter Reports

The SEEDS Chapter Annual Reports are crucial for the ESA-SEEDS program. The information that you provide allows us to allocate funding, be more supportive of regional events, and broaden the impact and mission of the SEEDS program. Overall, submitting the annual report will help us better assist you. 


Starting in 2022 the SEEDS Chapter Report will be divided into two (2) parts: 

Part 1: Activities – due May 31st 

  • Submit a brief chapter report of your chapter activities by May 31st 

Part 2: Roster – due October 1st 

  • Submit an updated chapter roster with chapter/board officers and members by October 1st (please use this template) 


With the annual report changes come changes in SEEDS Chapter status definitions: 

• Active In Good Standing 

• Active 

• Inactive 

• Historical 


 To be considered Active In Good Standing, SEEDS chapters must:  

  • Be Active –  have elected chapter officers and organize one or more chapter activities for its members during the academic year 
  • Submit Part 1: Report of Chapter Activities  by May 31st 
  • Submit Part 2: Roster by October 1st 


        Chapters that are Active In Good Standing are eligible to: 

  • Nominate students for in-person Leadership Meetings (by invitation only)
  • Access SEEDS funding for regional Field Trips and regional conferences
  • Apply for Chapter Grants
  • Access to the SEEDS Chapters online community via Slack
  • Participate in collaborative activities
  • Participate in national virtual events upon invitation
  • Receive bonus points for competitive SEEDS opportunities*

 *Members of chapters that are “Active In Good Standing” will receive additional bonus points in competitive applications for SEEDS opportunities including the SEEDS Travel Awards to the ESA Annual Meetings, SEEDS National Fieldtrips, and SEEDS Partnerships for Undergraduate Research Fellowships (SPUR). 


Active Chapters 

Chapters that have organized activities and members, but that do not submit the chapter report this year will be labeled as “Active”. 


  • Chapters that are Active will be able to: 
  • Receive bonus points for competitive SEEDS opportunities* 
  • Access SEEDS funding for regional Field Trips and regional conferences 
  • Access to the SEEDS Chapters online community via Slack



  • Chapters are placed on this status if 2 years have elapsed since the last annual report was submitted. 
  • If the chapter submits a report and its roster, the chapter will move to “Active in Good Standing” 
  • After 5 years of not submitting a report, the chapter will be categorized as a “Historical” chapter 


  • Chapters will be given this status if no reports have been received after 5 years 
  • If a Historical chapter wishes to change its status, it must submit a new chapter application.