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SEEDS Chapter Grants Application

The Strategies for Ecology Education Diversity and Sustainability (SEEDS) Program of the Ecological Society of America Chapter Grants are made possible with the generous donation of Ms. Vicki Moore. Grant activities must provide opportunities to interact with a diverse group of ecologists and other motivated students to both broaden and deepen students’ understanding of ecology and potential careers.

To apply, the Faculty Advisor and a SEEDS Chapter undergraduate student officer must complete the form below and submit by November 1st, 2021.

Application hard copies are not necessary and are discouraged. Please do NOT mail anything to ESA. You should scan any relevant materials and upload them with your submission.

Please contact with any questions.

Grant Director

A Chapter Advisor must serve as the Grant Director or Co-Director

Grant Co Director (Student Applicant)



300 word limit

Project Description

Maximum upload size: 16.78MB
Please use the Guidelines document as reference.

Budget & Budget Narrative

Maximum upload size: 16.78MB
Please use the Guidelines document as a reference. Include category, item, and expense as a table. No personnel or indirect costs are allowed. Include a brief budget narrative that explains how budget items will be used to perform the proposed work.


Maximum upload size: 16.78MB
Use this field to add: Evidence of good standing, letter for projects that involve infrastructure development (if applicable), and other supporting information (letters of support, letters of commitment, reference materials, etc.)

Faculty Advisor Commitment

This section is to be completed by Faculty Advisor

Chapter Certification

I have read and checked this application for omissions and errors. To the best of my knowledge, the information is complete and accurate. I understand that the inclusion of false information or the failure to provide all information requested in this application may disqualify our Chapter and its members from further opportunities with the Ecological Society of America’s SEEDS Program. As a SEEDS Campus Ecology Chapter, the proposed activities will serve the mission of SEEDS - to promote ecology opportunities for students, particularly those underrepresented in the science, to stimulate and nurture their interest, in order to diversify and advance the field of ecology. The Chapter will welcome participation from underrepresented minority groups as well as others with a demonstrated commitment to these goals.


If the application is approved, the Chapter will be required to sign an agreement regarding appropriate use of funds and recognition of SEEDS program support before funds will be released. ESA is in the position to provide funding for SEEDS chapters solely through the generous support of our donors. It is our policy that we do not pay any indirect or overhead costs (0%) on a grants or awards given to selected individual or institutional recipients in our program activities.