Resource of the Week: “Stock photos of women of color in tech, now free to use”

Screenshot of website referenced in the article; follow links for full text.

Screenshot of Women in Tech Chat photos, from

Representation and perception of who belongs in a given space or field can be significantly impacted by who is depicted. Three sets of photos created by Women in Tech Chat, available through specific creative commons licenses, are available to help address representation in the tech sector. They may also be useful for science communication and engagement work.

Before you use them, be sure to read the stock photo creators’ blog post about their objectives and licensing terms!


According to their website, Women in Tech Chat is “a community of women and non-binary people of color. Some of us are technologists in the making and some of us are technologists by trade.” On their website, they write, “The Founders of WOCinTech Chat are both professionals in the tech industry, are both women of color from New York City and wanted to be able to work on initiatives that they were passionate about in order to bring about change in the lives of women and nonbinary people of color. While it is important to dialogue about these issues, it is equally if not even more important to DO THE WORK! Even the smallest and most obvious contributions make a huge difference.”