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Annual Meeting

#ESA2021 has Gone Virtual

#ESA2021 will be fully virtual, according to this announcement from ESA. 

Whether online or in-person, we are committed to centering inclusion and underrepresented voices in the programming the C & E Section contributes to at the annual meeting and always. Please contact us directly (or anonymously through our website contact form) if you have anything you’d like us to consider as we move forward.

illustration of a sea star - top half is the exterior (red and white), bottom half is the interior skeleton (ivory and gray)

C&E Science Communication Awards!

We are accepting nominations for our first ever Science Communication in Practice Award and Best Poster Award! Both will be awarded at the time of the 2021 Annual Meeting. Please see this link for details re the 2020 awards. 2021 awards info will be posted in late-spring 2021.

Communication & Engagement, Diversity and Equity & Inclusion Events at ESA 2021

Each year, we build a list of SciComm-related sessions being hosted during the conference. Please let us know what you’re up to so we can pass the word!

Mark your calendar for the following workshops and sessions. Scroll to the bottom for sessions specifically related to diversity, equity, and inclusion, and career success. If you know of a session that should be added to the list, please let us know!

* = indicates sessions being led, offered in collaboration with, or feature officers of the C&E Section and/or Section members. If we should add/remove an *, please let us know!

*Communication & Engagement Section “Booth”:

  • Connect with C&E officers and volunteers;
  • #SketchYourScience – connect with the 2021 event here once we have it set up!
  • Learn more about the C&E Section and pick up our new fabulous postcards;
  • Sign up to volunteer

ESA 2021 Events relating to communication, engagement, DEIJ, and more

For the 2020 annual meeting, ESA developed a Broadening Impacts Sessions webpage that highlighted events and sessions in following categories:
Communication & Engagement, Diversity & Inclusion, Education, Career Development, and Policy. If they provide this website again, we will update this page with live links.

Once the program is live, we’ll highlight a few sessions and events below.

If you have a SciComm or Engagement poster/event/talk/session accepted not mentioned here or have an update please reply to this email to let us know and we can amplify it on Twitter. We’d love to spread the word about your session!