Announcement: 2021-2022 C&E Officers

We are excited to announce that we have our 2021 Chair-Elect, Katherine Hannibal, and our 2021 Secretary-Elect, Meghan Zulian, appointed! We also welcome Ajisha Alwin as our Student Member Section Liaison! We are thrilled to have them all join our leadership team this year.

2021 Chair-Elect: Katherine Hannibal

Katherine is a M.Sc. student at California State University Northridge examining the anthropogenic effects on nearshore environments, including the relationships between foundation species and stressors. Below are quotes from Katherine’s application to our leadership team. You can follow her on Twitter here. Welcome Katherine!

From Katherine’s nomination:

  • “Science communication offers opportunities to change the trajectory of public interest, both locally and nationally, and can not only inform the future of policy but also can influence the future of science.”
  • “Science needs both windows and mirrors. Historically, academia has served as a window into a single-sided story, filled with innovation at the expense of others. However, mirrors are necessary for equitable science. When we see ourselves reflected in the environments, curriculum, and stories told, we feel a sense of belonging and confidence.”


2021 Secretary-Elect: Meghan Zulian

Meghan is a Ph.D. student in the Ocean Climate lab at UC Davis & Bodega Marine Lab. Below are quotes from Meghan’s application to our leadership team. You can follow her on Twitter here and visit her website here. Welcome Meghan!

From Meghan’s nomination:

  • “As a publicly funded researcher, I feel it is my responsibility to collaboratively generate science with stakeholders, to produce science that is relevant to their decision-making processes.”
  • “… in broader academic culture, there are many ‘well-intentioned’ efforts that ultimately do little to support and uplift those who are most impacted by problematic culture and practices. I would like to help ESA shift how we approach science to a model that centers and amplifies the concerns and solutions proposed by those who know best.”

Student Section Liaison: Ajisha Alwin

Profile picture of Ajisha Alwin.Since our last newsletter, we are pleased to announce that Ajisha Alwin, the Marketing/Outreach Director of the Student Member Section and the head of ESA’s Student Services Program, is now our Student Section Liaison! Ajisha is an incoming Immunology/Microbiology PhD student at the University of Florida. You can read more about Ajisha on our website here or follow her on Twitter here.