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Volunteer Positions & Opportunities


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To more fully engage section members, and to increase our capacity as a Section, we have identified several projects, and we’d love to have your help with them. Current projects include Section Planning & Fundraising, Social Media, and Annual Meeting Planning. See below for detailed descriptions of each project.

Each opportunity can operate as an individual or committee effort. We have lots of ideas for content and potential contributors, so you won’t have to start from scratch. And, Section officers will provide support and editorial oversight, so this could be a great opportunity to collaborate and/or build your skills (and CV!).

We’re working out our editorial calendar for summer and fall right now. So, please contact us right away if any of these opportunities sound appealing or if you have questions.


Detailed Project Descriptions

Section Planning & Fundraising Committee

The Section will submit a long-range planning grant this fall. If you would like to join the Section officers in contributing to the direction of that proposal, contribute expertise, and/or get grant-writing experience, contact us about joining the Planning & Fundraising Committee.

Social Media Committee

The Social Media Committee will work to maintain and “feed” the social media channels through which we support and engage members and potential members. We envision a few individuals collaborating on the following: 1) maintain/feed relevant Twitter hashtags (ex: #scicommjob); 2) maintain and expand participation in the ESA SciComm Section Facebook Group.

Planning for next year’s ESA annual meeting

Please follow this link for details about ways to propose sessions, get support on a proposal, and/or help with sessions and events the SciComm Section is planning.