Resource of the Week: The science supporting work-life balance and declining productivity after 40 hours/week

screen shot of several tweets discussing work-life balance. All text of these tweets is available at the link provided in the post accompanying this image.

Screenshot of first few tweets referenced in this post


Science communication and engagement, whether they are a full-time job or part of a job with additional responsibilities, take a lot of time to do well. So, Dr. Katie Grogan’s tweet thread about work-life balance and productivity which declines after working 50+ hours per week caught our attention.

Throughout the thread, Dr. Grogan cites and links to articles from Nature, TED talks, Salon, Dynamic Ecology, Chronicle of Higher EducationThe Conversation, and more.

Dr. Grogan notes that she keeps all of these articles handy, as reminders to herself that working less than 50 hours per week is scientifically supported and ideal.