MySciComm: Looking Back and Looking Forward

A line of colored pencils, one in each of the common colors on the rainbow spectrum. Text on the image reads "#MySciComm in 2018."
Image placed in public domain by Wall Boat, via Flickr.

Welcome to the 2018 #MySciComm Series! We’re excited to kick off the new year by celebrating what the #MySciComm Series became in 2017.

We launched in February 2017, and were able to feature 27 publicly engaged scientists and science communicators. Their back stories celebrated and talked candidly about the diverse entry points and skill sets that epitomize scicomm and public engagement careers.

As we said in a contributed piece on the ESA EcoTone blog last year, we feel strongly that the #My SciComm Series supports our section goals: professionalizing science communication efforts within and beyond ESA and providing resources and mentorship to ecologists interested in transitioning to careers in science communication or incorporating meaningful communication and engagement into their careers.

For the next few weeks, leading up to the launch of the first #MySciComm pieces of 2018, we’ll be looking back at the insights shared by our 2017 contributors. Each of the series editors will be highlighting out-takes from the Tips & Resources sections of each blog post.

Stay tuned! Next week we’ll take a look at #MySciComm 2017 contributions for human connections within, for, and as result of scicomm.

And, in the meantime, please pitch us a piece on your scicomm backstory, or suggest someone we should invite to contribute.