Workshop prep: Arrive prepared

Thanks for joining the fun!

We are very intentionally offering a ‘tapas’ style taster of different ways you could communicate your science, and there will be a strong emphasis on storytelling. We want you to walk away with a sense of the unique strengths of these different media for powering science communication, and to develop some sense of preference for what you might be interested in exploring more in the future.

Plan on having lots of fun, and trying lots of new things!

What you’ll need:

We’ll be sending a more detailed email to pre-registered participants by the end of the week. Meanwhile, here are a few things you’ll need to make the most of the workshop.


We recommend bringing something to capture audio/video, such as a smartphone or a digital camera, and a laptop for writing and editing.

Also bring along some old-fashioned paper and pens for taking notes and participating in workshop exercises.

Additionally, we recommend downloading the following programs and/or apps prior to the multimedia workshop so you can hit the ground running. We’ve organized our suggestions by media-type and provide links and relevant platforms. Apps marked with * require purchase.


Create & Edit:


Create: Voice Record Pro 7 — iOS (iPad, iPhone)
Edit: Audacity (Mac, Windows)


Create: Vine (Android, iOS, Windows)