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River flow by design: environmental flows support ecosystem services in rivers natural and novel

The October 2014 issue of ESA Frontiers spotlights river management in the Anthropocene FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Wednesday, October 8, 2014 Contact: Liza Lester, 202-833-8773 ext. 211, Last spring, the Colorado River reached its delta for the first time in … Read More »

UMD Professor David Inouye named President of the Ecological Society of America

David Inouye, plant ecologist and professor emeritus of the Department of Biology at the University of Maryland (UMD), College Park has been named President of the Ecological Society of America. Read More »

Volunteer ‘eyes on the skies’ track peregrine falcon recovery in California

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Thursday, September 11, 2014 Contact: Alison Mize, 202-833-8773 ext. 205,   Datasets from long-running volunteer survey programs, calibrated with data from sporadic intensive monitoring efforts, have allowed ecologists to track the recovery of peregrine falcons in … Read More »

Innovations for Endangered Species Recovery

40 years after enactment of the Endangered Species Act, shifting public priorities remain an uphill battle. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Thursday, August 7, 2014 Contact: Terence Houston 202 833-8773 x224; Liza Lester (202) 833-8773 x 211;   Conservation researchers … Read More »

History of fire and drought shapes the ecology of California, past and future

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Wednesday, August 6, 2014 Contact: Liza Lester (202) 833-8773 x 211;   Fire season has arrived in California with vengeance in this third year of extended drought for the state. A series of large fires east … Read More »

Preparing for the effects of a changing climate: Ecologists unwrap the science in the National Climate Assessment

Findings from The Third National Climate Assessment Report (released in spring 2014) will be presented at the Ecological Society of America’s 2014 Annual Meeting in Sacramento, Cal., August 10–15. Read More »

Climate change, predators, and the trickle down effects on ecosystems

Ecologists are just beginning to understand how the impacts of climate change are affecting predatory keystone species and their ecosystems. Ecologists will report on this and other climate-ecosystem research news at the Ecological Society of America’s 2014 Annual Meeting in Sacramento, Cal., August 10–15. Read More »

The Rim Fire one year later: a natural experiment in fire ecology and management

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Thursday, July 31, 2014 Contact: Ecological Society of America: Liza Lester (202) 833-8773 x 211; U.S. Forest Service: Jon Heil (707) 562-9004,   The enormous conflagration known as the Rim Fire was in full fury, … Read More »

2014 Earth Stewardship Initiative Demonstration Project: sustaining and enhancing Earth’s life-support systems

The American River Parkway at the nexus of ecological science and design Read More »

The control of nature: stewardship of fire ecology by native Californian cultures

Before the colonial era, 100,000s of people lived on the land now called California, and many of their cultures manipulated fire to control the availability of plants they used for food, fuel, tools, and ritual. Contemporary tribes continue to use fire to maintain desired habitat and natural resources. Read More »

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