3rd Life Discovery – Doing Science Education Conference

March 18-19, 2016
Conference Center at the Maritime Institute (CCMIT)
Baltimore, MD

Conference Theme

Creating Connections – Biology in Action

The theme for the 3rd Life Discovery – Doing Science Conference (LDC) focuses on stimulating approaches to Life Science instruction that:

  • Connect learning to life science careers in research and practice: What is it like to be a Biologist?
  • Connect learning to current events: What is the relevance of Biology?
  • Connect learning across institutions and settings: How do we build bridges across education settings?

Proposals should align with the objectives of both the K12 Next Generation Science Standards and the Vision and Change for Undergraduate Biology Education with an emphasis on the Practice of Science. The practices involve how scientists investigate and build models and theories in the life sciences. We welcome ideas that have proved to help parents understand careers in the life sciences. We are especially interested in demonstrated effective strategies of building networks with scientists – remotely and locally.

Proposals should also identify one or more relevant Pedagogical Track/s and Disciplinary topic/s.
Learn more about the Scope and Objectives of the Conference.

Learn more about the thematic tracks, pedagogical tracks, curriculum topics and sessions formats here.

Who Should Attend

Researchers and educators –high school through undergraduate – publishers, curriculum developers and all interested in organismal and environmental biology education are welcome to attend. Attendees from all disciplines seeking to connect educational approaches with the rich advances of Biology are also encouraged. Educators of informal educational programs such as nature centers and museums are also welcome.  The LDC seeks to nurture communities of practice among scientists, educators and administrators to prepare the next generation for the dynamic advances in Biology.


Questions? Please contact LDC@esa.org.