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Overall tone of image is blue. Water droplets landing on seed heads (look like long thin hairs, like a dandelion)

NEW: Awards for Science Communication from C&E Section

Recognition of important work matters.  Since our inception, the Communication and Engagement Section has intended to offer awards to recognize the intellectual, scientific, and civic contributions made by ESA members active in public engagement and science communication.  For years, our section has worked toward being able to put money, and the credibility of a professional society, into our efforts to…

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Resource of the Week: We Rep STEM + Juneteenth

We Rep STEM “believe[s] science is for everyone and […]want to celebrate everyone in the field — NOT just the loudest people in the room. This website aims to celebrate STEM minorites — people of colour, professionals with disabilites, members of the LGBTQ community, Indigenous researchers, women of all races, scientists in niche areas of expertise — and everyone in between.”…

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Yellow background. IMage of a raised, black fist at left of image. Test reads: Black Lives Matter. Science. Technology. Engineering. Math.

Black Lives Matter (first posted 6/3/2020)

This statement was first distributed to our members via our monthly newsletter, issued 3 June 2020. We are posting it here for posterity, and to hold ourselves accountable to continued efforts toward justice and equality in the spheres we have influence. Dear Section Members & Friends, We write to you today in solidarity with and affirmation of our fellow Black…

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Member Highlight: Emily Cloyd & Kika Tuff part of team launching AAAS’s new How We Respond projcet

The How We Respond project launched from AAAS includes a report and multimedia stories that highlight the ways U.S. communities are actively and effectively responding to climate change, in particular at the local, state and regional levels, and the critical role of science and scientists in their response. Section members Emily Cloyd (AAAS) and Kika Tuff (Impact Media Lab; former C&E…

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Resource of the Week: A visual “taxonomy” of great writing

  From the incomparable writer, Maria Popova, and her wide-ranging, powerful Brain Pickings site, comes a brief, thought-provoking “taxonomy” of the three levels of good science writing. Don’t stop at this article – her site is a treasure trove of big ideas, compelling quotations from science writers renown and obscure, and more.    

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Resource of the Week: Expanding the role of social science in conservation

  A discussion of the relationship between social science research philosophy, methodology, and methods and conservation, written in response to a Methods in Ecology and Evolution special feature on qualitative methods for conservation. The paper specifically emphasizes the importance of a clear distinction between the reality of qualitative data versus the notion of qualitative methods. Excerpt from the abstract: We start with…

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Resource of the Week: Curing “Plant Blindness” vs. Growing Plant Love

Last year, we featured two #MySciComm posts by co-founders of Plant Love Stories, and at #ESA2018, we hosted Plant Love Stories at our booth at the Annual Meeting. Now, we’re highlighting a related publication informed by that project: a commentary in the journal Plants, People, Planet (published by the New Phytologist Trust). They write: We have a duty to conserve plants…

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