Office of Science Programs

About The Office

Founded in 1992 as the Sustainable Biosphere Initiative (SBI; Ecology, 72(2): 371 – 412), ESA’s Office of Science Programs promotes the continued development of ecological science and its integration into decision-making and education, linking the ecological research and management communities.

Current Projects and Activities

The Office of Science Programs carries out a broad range of activities in support of the ESA membership, the scientific community, and public agency scientists and decision makers. These activities are grouped into three broad categories. Advancing ecological science includes activities that promote the continued development of ecological science. Ecology for community includes projects that link the ecological research and management communities and help integrate ecological science into decision-making and education. Solutions for sustainability consists of a series of activities to examine and articulate the intellectual foundations for a new sustainability science.

Advancing Ecological Science Ecology For Community Solutions For Sustainability

Science Office Staff

Clifford Duke

Director of Science Programs
Jennifer Riem

Science Programs Coordinator
Jill Petraglia Parsons
Science Programs Manager
kimberly Quach
Kimberly Quach
Science Programs Assistant
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