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The role of theoretical ecology in biodiversity conservation and management
Organizer: Mark C. Andersen

Growing awareness of the looming biodiversity crisis has provided the impetus for the development of areas of ecological theory relevant to conservation problems. Questions addressed by this body of theory include the estimation of extinction rates, efficient allocation of conservation effort, integration of population models with data, and understanding the effects of habitat and landscape fragmentation. Development of these areas of theory holds the promise of increased synergism between theorists and empiricists in ecology.

Mark Andersen
A critique of biogeographic approaches to estimating extinction rates

L.W. Botsford and Alan Hastings
Theory of marine reserves

T. Edwards, Jr.
Ten years after: A retrospective overview of contributions of the Gap Analysis Program to theoretical ecology

Lenore Fahrig
Effects of habitat fragmentation on the extinction threshold: a synthesis

James D. Nichols, John R. Sauer, E, Cam and J.E. Hines
Using estimates of species richness to test ecological theory

Peter Turchin
Empirically based theory for ungulate conservation