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Paradigms lost: Theory change in ecology.
Organized by: K. Cudddington and B. Beisner
Monday, August 5. 1:00 PM to 3:45 PM. Leo Rich Theatre.1:00 PM BEISNER, B.E.*. Theory change in ecology – an introduction.
1:10 PM ROSENZWEIG, M.L.*. Graphical predation theory: Seed of a failed revolution or a delayed one?
1:25 PM DE ROOS, A.M.* and L. PERSSON*. Beyond stability and predator-prey cycles.
1:45 PM TILMAN, D.*. A new theory of community assembly: From Elton and Hutchinson to now.
2:00 PM MCCANN, K.S.*. Invasions and energy flow in food webs: Rephrasing diversity hypotheses.
2:25 PM ALLEN, T.F.H.*. Introducing human values into ecological systems: In theory.
2:40 PM PETERSON, G.D.*. Introducing human values into ecological systems: In practice.
3:00 PM ROUGHGARDEN, J.E.*. Evolution reduced to ecology: History of conflict and cooperation between disciplines.
3:15 PM DAY, T.*. Modeling the ecological context of evolutionary change: deja vu or something new?
3:35 PM CUDDINGTON, K.*. The evolution of ecological theory.