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Application Instruction

Lotka-Volterra Prizes for Best Student Presentations in Theoretical Ecology

The Theoretical Ecology Section awards the Alfred J. Lotka and Vito Volterra prizes for the best presentations given by students during the Annual Meeting of the ESA. The award is open to graduate student members of the ESA who, as sole or first author, present a talk or poster at the ESA annual meeting describing original research in theoretical ecology. All suitable approaches that yield theoretical insight to ecological phenomena will be considered. Prizes will be awarded on the basis of scientific merit, originality, and clarity of presentation. We are grateful to Oxford University Press for their support of this competition.

To be considered for either the Lotka award or the Volterra award, students (or their advisors) must complete the online nomination form. The link for ESA 2021 is . You will need to provide the talk title, session name and number, and the date and time of the presentation, so please have this information ready. 

Outstanding Ecological Theory Paper Award

The Theoretical Ecology Section sponsors an annual award for an outstanding published paper in ecological theory. Papers with a print or electronic publication date in either of the two years preceding the year of the award are eligible. (For example, papers published in years n-2 and n-1 are eligible for the award in year n.)

Nominations (including self-nominations) will be accepted in the spring of each year and should include a short statement by the nominator discussing the paper’s merits and suitability for the award. Nominees need not be section or society members, but nominations should be made by members of the theory section. To submit a nomination, please fill out the following google form:


Last updated on: June 3, 2021